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I got a mortgage from the Broker-George. He is very professional, patient and valued. No cost and even has some cash back. I got a very low rate from a big five bank with George's help and referred some friends to him. They also got unimaginable service and rates. Highly recommend it!

Henry Yang

Professional and nice people who are passionate about what they are doing! Highly recommend!

Yumi Zhang

As the name says, they have specialized expertise in lending!!!

Anna W

Highly recommend George Chen, who was acting truly professional and patient with any concerns that I have, and helped me get the mortgage done successfully and smoothly.

They are really thoughtful about the business that they are doing, and always stay in touch closely with the bank and realtor, and provide feedback just in time to get me updated for the progress. Would highly recommend their services!

Your Lending Expert is not only very knowledgeable with the mortgage business, also he is willing to provide practical suggestions based on the financial situation. George is a trustworthy gentleman, and a reliable mortgage broker to work with!